by Steve Burton | 11:56 am

You get married? First of all: congratulations! To celebrate this particular day, I am sure that right now you are involved in all the preparations for the wedding, such as the guest list, the dress, the menu, the invitations, and so on. And is that a marriage requires a lot of organization to get, in the end, everything goes as always dreamed.

If one of the aspects that you are most excited about is renting a limousine for a wedding, you will like to know that in our company you will get one of them and enjoy a magical day full of luxury and attention. Not every day you get married, so give yourself the homage you so much desire and make the vehicle that accompanies you to the altar one of high-end and with all the services and facilities that you cannot even imagine.

Get to organize a dream wedding by renting an entirely different car worthy of the highest stars. We offer you a wide range of upper class limousines to make your day the most special of your life. We have Mercedes class E, S and V;You can also choose other types that are Strech Limos model and include vehicles such as Lincoln Town Car 120, Lincoln Krystal, Pontiac GP and Chrysler 300 Luxury. Although if you’re looking to leave everyone with their mouths open you can opt for the Suv Limousines models where you will find 3 models of big limousines like the Ford Fantasy Expedition, the Ford Boeing Excursion 5.4 and the Hummer, some spectacular cars that will make you make a triumphal entry to the altar.

Different Types Of Vehicles

As you can see, we offer different types of vehicles so you can choose the one you like best and adapt to what you have always dreamed of. These cars are changed with all the services you can imagine but, depending on the type you choose, their functionalities are one or the other. For example, Mercedes can be 4 to 7 seats and 4 or 5 doors; in the case of those included in the models Strech Limos is larger and inside it can fit up to 9 people. This type of limousine is more prestigious and, therefore, is equipped with DVD, LCD, 2TV or 3TV, has fiber optic and, best, has a bar so you can enjoy a delicious drink while you walk around the city .

Our limousine service for weddings, also, is designed for you to have a wedding worthy of the Hollywood divas, so, we add some extra functions to our vehicles as a uniformed driver , a thorough cleaning to shine both on the outside as for the interior, two bottles of cava that will put that distinguished touch to the event, mineral water, sweet snacks and a beautiful exterior floral decoration that will highlight that what we are celebrating is a wedding.



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