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We have created a wide range of limousine services to meet your unique needs. Our Montreal taxi limousine service is a rental service that is billed by the hour. By choosing this service, you will enjoy the supreme advantage of having a luxury car for a particular event, while having a certain peace of mind. The limousine rented by the hour is ideal for your private walks, your business meetings. Taxes, tolls, and tips are not included. Benefit from the mileage included in each package.

Limousine services agency

What is that?

Taking a ride in a limousine is one of those things that many would like to do at least once in their life. This type of car, specially modified to be opulent to the limits of opulence, very visible and sometimes even deliberately kitsch are built and designed to give passengers a comfort from real nabobs. Used as a vehicle for married couples during weddings, they are normally used as luxury shuttles to give a courtesy service, or even as a gift to celebrate birthdays, hen or stag parties or other occasions that deserve to be celebrated in such a fun way.

The unbridled luxury of the interiors, set up like real living rooms complete with bars, screens, and every convenience, allows passengers to enjoy truly memorable moments.

The service always includes drivers, and all insurance and legal coverage. The glasses for the toast can be included in the preparation and on request also the drinks. New Planet Group proposes itself as a limousine service agency giving ample opportunity to choose the car, equipment, and itinerary and is available to help you meet all the needs of those who need the service.

Bordeaux car rental

The long-term car rental option with car rental Bordeaux will give you the opportunity to have a new car without buying it. With this formula, the client will not be obliged to raise capital. In some cases only, and depending on your file, the renter may ask you a guarantee deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the rental. It will not be necessary to go into debt. Taking into account that a new car loses 25% of its value in one year, the long-term car rental option may be the best alternative to buying a new vehicle. The cost of the long-term rental includes all rental, insurance (mandatory and additional), interview and assistance costs negotiated at the signing of the contract. Working on the principle of economies of scale, the major car rental agencies renew their parks by negotiating directly with the builders. On the other hand, buyers (individuals and companies) can only contact dealers. The latter are anxious to guarantee their profit margin. All in all, with the LLD, you will realize savings estimated between 15% and 20% of the total cost of driving a new car purchased.



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