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Limousine Safety

Many people turn to limousines when they want to elevate their experiences and events to a more elegant and refined level. The vehicle’s long and smooth structures are easily identifiable on any road, and their interiors, with nightclub-esque lighting or dark regal seats can suit either a lively party or a somber occasion.

However, recent rumors and stories circulating have cast doubt on the safety of riding in limousines. The New York Times even published an article examining the dangers of stretch limousines and similar articles continue to encourage readers to ask the question: How can I be sure that the limousine service I’ve chosen will keep me safe?

For the purpose of this article, an important distinction must be made: stretch limousines are different from regular limousines in that they have been artificially made longer. Any regular limousine that has been cut in half, extended, and then welded back together to create a longer limousine is then considered a stretch limousine.

Why is the question of safety important? Though limousines might seem like a safer choice on a party night—you’ve paid and ensured yourself and your party a designated driver—there are valid concerns you should consider.

  • Poor Construction: How was your limousine built? Is it structurally sound?
    – Will the limousine malfunction during a crash? Or is it built to ensure safety in all circumstances?
    – Some limos have been known to malfunction electrically in the event of a crash
    – Poor construction can lead to fires or doors that won’t open in the event of a crash
  • Company: Does the limousine company you’ve chosen to hire quality drivers?
    Do they ensure customer safety?
    – Does the company abide by basic safety rules?
    – Are their drivers licensed and experienced?

Second, how can you determine that your limousine or the service you have chosen is safe?

  • Regulations: Determine if the limousine service complies with local laws regulating such businesses.
    – Find out if the company’s limousines have passed local inspection.
  • Registration: Ensure that the company, its drivers, and its vehicles have all been properly registered with the local authorities
    – A dedicated company will undergo inspection on a regular basis, and run background checks on all their drivers before hiring
  • Safety Features: Determine if the vehicle you will be riding in is equipped with important, life-saving safety features such as seatbelts.
    – The above-average length of limousines means that they are prone to Take care to make sure your limo has the proper safety precautions
  • Reviews: Past customers will often have valuable things to say about the service you’re interested in. Check online reviews to see what kind of experiences other customers had with the service
  • Cancellation: If you see warning signs during your ride, you’ll want to be ensured that you can cancel.
    – Prior to hiring a limo service, make sure to investigate the limousine service cancellation policy, so you don’t end up spending more than your experience was worth

Before you make the awesome decision to use a limousine service and enhance your experience to the next level of elegance and refinement, make sure that your experience will be a safe one.

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Limo vs. Uber

One of the ongoing struggles not only with limousine services and taxi companies in most cities today is the competition that has arisen with Uber.

In fact, we are aware of numerous lawsuits taking place between the tech giant from northern California and many local entities in many of those cities.

Uber, if you have been on another planet the last few year, is a cheaper alternative to limousine or taxi service. Now, not to compare the prestige or luxury of a fine limousine service to a taxi or an Uber ride, but the competition is real.

Just imagine, you’ve just landed at an airport in Anywhere, USA and you need a ride quick. Uber provides that option. No doubt about it. But it is “better’.

If you are adept at planing ahead and are of a particular taste, we believe that a limousine service is still the best option. Here’s why:

  • Limousines offer prestige
  • Limousines offer luxury
  • A well researched service can provide a great price
  • The vehicles are clean and usually provide refreshment and plenty of room
  • You are supporting a local business; not a tech giant
  • Drivers are professional and know the area
  • Drivers are on time and greet you properly
  • Drivers speak English

Maybe that last one is not politically correct but it is a need of the consumer; to be able to converse in English. We could keep going.

But the idea that some local guy with a car can provide the same type of professional service is nonsense. Once the shiny attraction of Uber wears off, we believe much of the allure will fade away.

Limousine service is still the way to go; especially for the corporate world and many whose tastes require the luxury we offer.

Now don’t get us wrong. Sometimes a quick solution to get home after a night out can be the best way to go. But at the end of the day, a fine limousine service will always be the classiest way to go!

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How to book a great limo experience

If you are looking and looking for limousine services in your area, but haven’t first done some research on HOW to have the best limo experience, you’ve come to the right place.

In many smaller cities or areas, you may not have a lot of choices for limousine transportation, but in bigger cities, you will have a plethora of choices which means each company is competing for your business. What does that mean? You can shop, research, call and negotiate with the companies you narrow your choices down to. Remember, everything is negotiable.

A great limo experience can include, but is not limited to:

  • A fair price for the hours rented
  • A clean car stocked with basic beverages; especially water
  • A newer model vehicle
  • A driver that is courteous and professional
  • A driver that opens doors, knows the area, and how to take other routes in case of traffic
  • No surprises at the end of the trip

In order to get all the benefits of a wonderful limo company, you first have to do some research and a bit of legwork. This can include some or all of the following steps:

  • Ask friends that have recently taken a limo
  • Check online reviews
  • Post on Facebook and ask friends for referrals
  • Check “Yelp” for listings and reviews
  • Do a search online for limousine companies in your area
  • See who local professional sports team use (a good indication of great service)

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to the top three, call each and ask them about their vehicles. You should ask questions like:

  • What vehicle is available for that date?
  • What year and make is the vehicle?
  • What condition is it in?
  • Can you come by to see the vehicle?
  • Will that be the exact vehicle you will get?
  • What is their price per hour?
  • What is the expected tip?
  • What is the hour minimum?
  • What is due to secure the vehicle you want for that date?
  • What is the total due for the amount of time requested?
  • Will they give you 10% off to go with them?
  • Will they provide an extra hour for free?

Once you’ve called your top three and had this discussion, you should have a very good idea of which company is the best and most importantly; patient with your line of questioning. You can also refer to limo service West Palm Beach to learn more about what elite limousine services provide.

Renting a limousine can be a fun and thrilling event but getting to the actual day of the event will take a little work to find the best limo service in your area. Once you’ve found your limo service, usually the hard work is done and you can stick with them for years to come and won’t need to shop around again. You can also, negotiate with them for future events once you are a long time loyal customer.

We hope this help in your next adventure and you have a memorable time with lifetime memories.

Edit: We wanted to update this post since it was originally placed on our blog. With the advent of Uber and other local car services, many of the limousine service have been affected negatively. Some are proactively adding services to their arsenal and improving their range of influence with new and better vehicles and drivers. Above, we had mentioned Dignitary Transportation located in West Palm Beach, Florida as one of those such providers who have re-invented themselves due to the threat of other less expensive ride services. They have successfully branched off into their own car service to help local communities and their residents. Uber has some pitfalls and many older folks still want a dependable service with nice vehicles and trained drivers; not someone who is not well versed in customer service. We expect to see more companies like this one add more services as well to help offset the lost income they are experiencing from silicon valley ride services.

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Cars And Limousines For Weddings – Comunidad Madrid

You get married? First of all: congratulations! To celebrate this particular day, I am sure that right now you are involved in all the preparations for the wedding, such as the guest list, the dress, the menu, the invitations, and so on. And is that a marriage requires a lot of organization to get, in the end, everything goes as always dreamed.

If one of the aspects that you are most excited about is renting a limousine for a wedding, you will like to know that in our company you will get one of them and enjoy a magical day full of luxury and attention. Not every day you get married, so give yourself the homage you so much desire and make the vehicle that accompanies you to the altar one of high-end and with all the services and facilities that you cannot even imagine.

Get to organize a dream wedding by renting an entirely different car worthy of the highest stars. We offer you a wide range of upper class limousines to make your day the most special of your life. We have Mercedes class E, S and V;You can also choose other types that are Strech Limos model and include vehicles such as Lincoln Town Car 120, Lincoln Krystal, Pontiac GP and Chrysler 300 Luxury. Although if you’re looking to leave everyone with their mouths open you can opt for the Suv Limousines models where you will find 3 models of big limousines like the Ford Fantasy Expedition, the Ford Boeing Excursion 5.4 and the Hummer, some spectacular cars that will make you make a triumphal entry to the altar.

Different Types Of Vehicles

As you can see, we offer different types of vehicles so you can choose the one you like best and adapt to what you have always dreamed of. These cars are changed with all the services you can imagine but, depending on the type you choose, their functionalities are one or the other. For example, Mercedes can be 4 to 7 seats and 4 or 5 doors; in the case of those included in the models Strech Limos is larger and inside it can fit up to 9 people. This type of limousine is more prestigious and, therefore, is equipped with DVD, LCD, 2TV or 3TV, has fiber optic and, best, has a bar so you can enjoy a delicious drink while you walk around the city .

Our limousine service for weddings, also, is designed for you to have a wedding worthy of the Hollywood divas, so, we add some extra functions to our vehicles as a uniformed driver , a thorough cleaning to shine both on the outside as for the interior, two bottles of cava that will put that distinguished touch to the event, mineral water, sweet snacks and a beautiful exterior floral decoration that will highlight that what we are celebrating is a wedding.

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We have created a wide range of limousine services to meet your unique needs. Our Montreal taxi limousine service is a rental service that is billed by the hour. By choosing this service, you will enjoy the supreme advantage of having a luxury car for a particular event, while having a certain peace of mind. The limousine rented by the hour is ideal for your private walks, your business meetings. Taxes, tolls, and tips are not included. Benefit from the mileage included in each package.

Limousine services agency

What is that?

Taking a ride in a limousine is one of those things that many would like to do at least once in their life. This type of car, specially modified to be opulent to the limits of opulence, very visible and sometimes even deliberately kitsch are built and designed to give passengers a comfort from real nabobs. Used as a vehicle for married couples during weddings, they are normally used as luxury shuttles to give a courtesy service, or even as a gift to celebrate birthdays, hen or stag parties or other occasions that deserve to be celebrated in such a fun way.

The unbridled luxury of the interiors, set up like real living rooms complete with bars, screens, and every convenience, allows passengers to enjoy truly memorable moments.

The service always includes drivers, and all insurance and legal coverage. The glasses for the toast can be included in the preparation and on request also the drinks. New Planet Group proposes itself as a limousine service agency giving ample opportunity to choose the car, equipment, and itinerary and is available to help you meet all the needs of those who need the service.

Bordeaux car rental

The long-term car rental option with car rental Bordeaux will give you the opportunity to have a new car without buying it. With this formula, the client will not be obliged to raise capital. In some cases only, and depending on your file, the renter may ask you a guarantee deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the rental. It will not be necessary to go into debt. Taking into account that a new car loses 25% of its value in one year, the long-term car rental option may be the best alternative to buying a new vehicle. The cost of the long-term rental includes all rental, insurance (mandatory and additional), interview and assistance costs negotiated at the signing of the contract. Working on the principle of economies of scale, the major car rental agencies renew their parks by negotiating directly with the builders. On the other hand, buyers (individuals and companies) can only contact dealers. The latter are anxious to guarantee their profit margin. All in all, with the LLD, you will realize savings estimated between 15% and 20% of the total cost of driving a new car purchased.

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Tips on Improving Your Experience while Taking Limo Service

Getting a limo service for personal leisure or for a special event can make the entire journey more comforting and pleasant. Limousines are luxurious and elegant cars that have heads turning wherever they go. Limousine services have become very popular in the recent times and this goes special for events like weddings where they are used on a very wide scale.

However, you always have the option of getting a limo service for other events as well. Limousines will help you travel in comfort and in perfect style. However, getting a limo service is not very cheap. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you choose the best limo service that enables you to have a pleasant travel from one place to another. Some tips that can help you in improving your limo service experience are as follows:

  • The very first thing that you need to do is check references in order to ensure that the limo service that you have chosen is trustworthy. Checking references will help you in believing the fact that the company offers exceptional services to its clients. Limo service providers that have been operating in the market for a considerable amount of time are generally considered the best. This is because they have a good reputation of offering reliable and trustworthy services. Your top priorities when choosing a limo service should be the quality of safety and service provided by the company. Try finding out complete details of the company, especially what the customers have to say about the services of the company.
  • Make sure that the limo service provider that you choose fully complies with set rules and regulations. This is important because you might not like your vehicle being impounded when you are in the middle of nowhere. Enquire about insurance, operation permits and all other important things for ensuring that your travel is worry free.
  • Pay attention to the chauffeur that has been allocated to you. The chauffeur should be well-trained, experienced and most importantly professional. Friendly chauffeurs who value time and have complete understanding of the requirements of their clients are always very easy to work with. They can always make a good contribution towards the success of an event. Try talking to the chauffeur and ask relevant questions. Try getting along with the chauffeur very well as this will make your journey a comfortable one.

  • Come up with your expectations and let the limo service company know what you are expecting from them. Whether you are taking the service for a wedding, birthday or prom, enlist the specific requirements that you might be having. Communicate your expectations early on so that the limo service company works towards satiating those expectations. If necessary, get everything in writing. This will leave no room for unsatisfactory services.
  • Inspecting and testing the limousine is very important prior to hire it. You can go for online reservations as they are quite convenient. However, try visiting the limo service provider in person as this will help you in seeing and testing the limousine that will actually suit your requirement.

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