by Steve Burton | 1:48 pm

Many people turn to limousines when they want to elevate their experiences and events to a more elegant and refined level. The vehicle’s long and smooth structures are easily identifiable on any road, and their interiors, with nightclub-esque lighting or dark regal seats can suit either a lively party or a somber occasion.

However, recent rumors and stories circulating have cast doubt on the safety of riding in limousines. The New York Times even published an article examining the dangers of stretch limousines and similar articles continue to encourage readers to ask the question: How can I be sure that the limousine service I’ve chosen will keep me safe?

For the purpose of this article, an important distinction must be made: stretch limousines are different from regular limousines in that they have been artificially made longer. Any regular limousine that has been cut in half, extended, and then welded back together to create a longer limousine is then considered a stretch limousine.

Why is the question of safety important? Though limousines might seem like a safer choice on a party night—you’ve paid and ensured yourself and your party a designated driver—there are valid concerns you should consider.

  • Poor Construction: How was your limousine built? Is it structurally sound?
    – Will the limousine malfunction during a crash? Or is it built to ensure safety in all circumstances?
    – Some limos have been known to malfunction electrically in the event of a crash
    – Poor construction can lead to fires or doors that won’t open in the event of a crash
  • Company: Does the limousine company you’ve chosen to hire quality drivers?
    Do they ensure customer safety?
    – Does the company abide by basic safety rules?
    – Are their drivers licensed and experienced?

Second, how can you determine that your limousine or the service you have chosen is safe?

  • Regulations: Determine if the limousine service complies with local laws regulating such businesses.
    – Find out if the company’s limousines have passed local inspection.
  • Registration: Ensure that the company, its drivers, and its vehicles have all been properly registered with the local authorities
    – A dedicated company will undergo inspection on a regular basis, and run background checks on all their drivers before hiring
  • Safety Features: Determine if the vehicle you will be riding in is equipped with important, life-saving safety features such as seatbelts.
    – The above-average length of limousines means that they are prone to Take care to make sure your limo has the proper safety precautions
  • Reviews: Past customers will often have valuable things to say about the service you’re interested in. Check online reviews to see what kind of experiences other customers had with the service
  • Cancellation: If you see warning signs during your ride, you’ll want to be ensured that you can cancel.
    – Prior to hiring a limo service, make sure to investigate the limousine service cancellation policy, so you don’t end up spending more than your experience was worth

Before you make the awesome decision to use a limousine service and enhance your experience to the next level of elegance and refinement, make sure that your experience will be a safe one.



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