by Steve Burton | 3:31 pm

One of the ongoing struggles not only with limousine services and taxi companies in most cities today is the competition that has arisen with Uber.

In fact, we are aware of numerous lawsuits taking place between the tech giant from northern California and many local entities in many of those cities.

Uber, if you have been on another planet the last few year, is a cheaper alternative to limousine or taxi service. Now, not to compare the prestige or luxury of a fine limousine service to a taxi or an Uber ride, but the competition is real.

Just imagine, you’ve just landed at an airport in Anywhere, USA and you need a ride quick. Uber provides that option. No doubt about it. But it is “better’.

If you are adept at planing ahead and are of a particular taste, we believe that a limousine service is still the best option. Here’s why:

  • Limousines offer prestige
  • Limousines offer luxury
  • A well researched service can provide a great price
  • The vehicles are clean and usually provide refreshment and plenty of room
  • You are supporting a local business; not a tech giant
  • Drivers are professional and know the area
  • Drivers are on time and greet you properly
  • Drivers speak English

Maybe that last one is not politically correct but it is a need of the consumer; to be able to converse in English. We could keep going.

But the idea that some local guy with a car can provide the same type of professional service is nonsense. Once the shiny attraction of Uber wears off, we believe much of the allure will fade away.

Limousine service is still the way to go; especially for the corporate world and many whose tastes require the luxury we offer.

Now don’t get us wrong. Sometimes a quick solution to get home after a night out can be the best way to go. But at the end of the day, a fine limousine service will always be the classiest way to go!


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