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If you are looking and looking for limousine services in your area, but haven’t first done some research on HOW to have the best limo experience, you’ve come to the right place.

In many smaller cities or areas, you may not have a lot of choices for limousine transportation, but in bigger cities, you will have a plethora of choices which means each company is competing for your business. What does that mean? You can shop, research, call and negotiate with the companies you narrow your choices down to. Remember, everything is negotiable.

A great limo experience can include, but is not limited to:

  • A fair price for the hours rented
  • A clean car stocked with basic beverages; especially water
  • A newer model vehicle
  • A driver that is courteous and professional
  • A driver that opens doors, knows the area, and how to take other routes in case of traffic
  • No surprises at the end of the trip

In order to get all the benefits of a wonderful limo company, you first have to do some research and a bit of legwork. This can include some or all of the following steps:

  • Ask friends that have recently taken a limo
  • Check online reviews
  • Post on Facebook and ask friends for referrals
  • Check “Yelp” for listings and reviews
  • Do a search online for limousine companies in your area
  • See who local professional sports team use (a good indication of great service)

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to the top three, call each and ask them about their vehicles. You should ask questions like:

  • What vehicle is available for that date?
  • What year and make is the vehicle?
  • What condition is it in?
  • Can you come by to see the vehicle?
  • Will that be the exact vehicle you will get?
  • What is their price per hour?
  • What is the expected tip?
  • What is the hour minimum?
  • What is due to secure the vehicle you want for that date?
  • What is the total due for the amount of time requested?
  • Will they give you 10% off to go with them?
  • Will they provide an extra hour for free?

Once you’ve called your top three and had this discussion, you should have a very good idea of which company is the best and most importantly; patient with your line of questioning. You can also refer to limo service West Palm Beach to learn more about what elite limousine services provide.

Renting a limousine can be a fun and thrilling event but getting to the actual day of the event will take a little work to find the best limo service in your area. Once you’ve found your limo service, usually the hard work is done and you can stick with them for years to come and won’t need to shop around again. You can also, negotiate with them for future events once you are a long time loyal customer.

We hope this help in your next adventure and you have a memorable time with lifetime memories.

Edit: We wanted to update this post since it was originally placed on our blog. With the advent of Uber and other local car services, many of the limousine service have been affected negatively. Some are proactively adding services to their arsenal and improving their range of influence with new and better vehicles and drivers. Above, we had mentioned Dignitary Transportation located in West Palm Beach, Florida as one of those such providers who have re-invented themselves due to the threat of other less expensive ride services. They have successfully branched off into their own car service to help local communities and their residents. Uber has some pitfalls and many older folks still want a dependable service with nice vehicles and trained drivers; not someone who is not well versed in customer service. We expect to see more companies like this one add more services as well to help offset the lost income they are experiencing from silicon valley ride services.


Dillon McArthy

This is a great article on how to rent a limo…..thanks!

Oct 05.2018 | 02:55 pm


Every limo service is different but finding a great one takes a little leg work. Thanks for the article.

Oct 08.2018 | 03:46 pm


This was informative. I’d like to learn more about when limo companies buy new limo and how to find the services with the newest cars. Good stuff!

Oct 08.2018 | 03:47 pm

Phil K.

What has been your expeerience with Hummer limos? Are the hard to find?

Oct 12.2018 | 05:15 pm

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